Meal Preps


Clean eating has been a huge part of my fitness journey. I do a majority of my own cooking, but if I'm running a little low on time in the morning I'll stop off at Chick-fil-a for some grilled chicken egg white breakfast bowl. Here is a list of the main meals that ill cook during the week.


1. 93% Lean 1lbs ground beef mixed in with some chopped onions and topped off with some mixed vegetables.

2. 2 Portions of baked salmon mixed with  spinach and a freshly squeezed lemon for added flavor along side with 1cup of brown rice.

3. 1lbs of ground turkey topped off with some maple bacon pieces with a side of vegetables. 


Most of my meals consist of a very low carb kind of diet, this works for me but may be different for others.


For sweets I'll opt out of a candy bar and get me an apple with some peanut butter.