2 Things needed to turn your fitness dream into reality

My journey started around 2017, at around 200 lbs on a short 25 year old dude I was looking like a chubbier version of an Oompa Loompa from "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory" Lol. Fitness was one of those things that I would start and stop and start and stop and well you get it. I wasn't CONSISTENT enough until it hit me... Did I really want to continue my life down this path of gaining weight and choosing unhealthy lazy way of life. Obviously I said "Hell No!"

KETO KETO KETO! Now I know that it may be frowned upon with some people but to give you the honest truth it worked! I agree with it to an extent! Using Keto helped me control and slowly lower my carb and sugar intake. After about 6 months on Keto I noticed a decent drop in weight about 15-20 pounds! Eventually all good things must come to an end after discovering my plateau on Keto I decided to take steps in a more Natural way.

LA FITNESS HERE I COME!!!! I was so close to my goal with nothing holding me back but myself I decided to join the gym! RUN! RUN! RUN! I want to say for about the first 6 months of going to the gym I was doing nothing but running on the tread mill. Trust me it was no easy task, starting with 1 mile a day, I slowly progressed to 5 miles a day thanks to good friends for giving me tip on running and breathing. Yup you guessed it I lost about another 10 lbs with all of that running (keep in mind I was still doing Keto while running as well) but as you may have guessed it I started to plateau in my weight loss.

Here come the Gainz (but still with weight loss!) After plateauing on the running weight loss I took my roommate's advice and started lifting weights. This time I shifted from Keto to a more low carb high protein type of diet with more fresh non preserved meals/cooking. Slowly increasing my muscle growth all that bad fatty weight turned into lean muscle growth! With DISCIPLINE comes power! I mentally had to discipline my self to eat good and clean food, after about 1 month of hard core discipline my body became adjusted to the shock of not having take out and fast food all the time.

Have you ever heard of the phrase "Abs start in the kitchen"? well whoever you heard that from was completely right with Discipline in my eating habits and Consistency with Training I got to my goal!

Officially down to 130 lbs with 8.8% body fat!

Don't let anyone ever tell you that it isn't possible!

With all that being said keep this in mind the 2 things needed to turn your fitness dream into reality is consistency and discipline!

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